Notifications & SRO's

#SubjectsSRO No
1PS Mark 399(K) 62
2Notified Standards List PSI-1/37-CM/63
3Notified Standards List PSI-1/37-CM/63
4Notified Standards ListPSI-1/37-CM/63
5List of Compulsory Item Under CM Scheme223(1)/76
6Marking Fee Schedule PSI-CM-1/64/77
7Marking Fee SchedulePSI-CM-64/80
8Inspection Fee2008
9Marking Fee 87 (KE)/2010
10New PS Mark88(KE)/2010
1112 NEW ITEMS(1) / 2015
1213 NEW ITEMS108 (KE) / 2015
135 NEW ITEMS117 (KE) / 2016
14Packaged Liquid Milk124 (KE) / 2016
15Skin Cream45 (KE) / 2017

List of Mandatory items Notified by the Government of Pakistan, Under Section 14 of PSQCA Act VI of 1996