Quality Control Center Introduction

  • The formal Central Testing Laboratory merged in Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority under Act VI of 1996, after the Promulgation of the Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority and named as Quality Control Centre.
  • The Quality Control Centre (QCC), working as a multifunctional testing laboratory and offers testing services in the field of Food, Materials, Papers & Textiles, Microbiology and Water testing. QCC is organized in six sections and housed in a permanent facility, exclusively designed for the lab purpose.
  • The QCC recognizes its responsibility as a provider of quality testing services. QCC has developed and documented a quality management system to ensure customer satisfaction by complying with regulatory requirements and improving management of the Organization. The quality management system has been designed to comply with international standards ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • In 2014 the QCC Karachi achieved a remarkable performance in Pakistan, almost all labs of Quality Control Centre. i.e. Microbiology, Water & Beverages Lab, Sugar Lab, Oil & Fats and Building Material (Cement) Lab has been Accredited and some new labs are in under process for extension of Scope of Accreditation like Food and Instrument Lab.
  • Scope of Labs accreditation

  • Building Material Laboratory
  • Microbiology
  • Sugar Testing Laboratory (STL)
  • Oil & Fat laboratory
  • Water & Beverages Laboratory
  • Accreditation Certificates
    QCC Testing Capabilities