Chemical Section

#Name of Samples
1Animal feed
2Banaspati Ghee
5Bleaching Liquid/ Powder
6Bubble Gum
7Castor Oil (Cake)
10Coal/ Coke
11Coconut Oil
12Cold drinks (Glass bottled and pet bottled)
13Cooking Oil
14Copper Purity
15Cotton Seed Oil/td>
16Edible Oil
19Food Grains
20Food Products as given in Food Rules
21Fruit Juices
22G.I. Pipes (Coating Test)
23Galvanizing Test
a)weight of Zn coating
b)thickness of Zn coating
c)uniformity of Zn coating
24Gum Fixol
25Hair Colours/ Dyes
28Ingots/ Alloys
30Jam, Jelly, Pickle
32 Lime
33 Maize Oil
34 Marble, Gypsum, Dolomite, Limestone
35 Margarine
36 Metal (C, S, P, Mn, Si)
37 Milk Powder/ Milk Fresh
38 Mustard Oil
39 Olive Oil
40 Paints
41 Palm Oil (Edible Grade)
42 Paper (Substance, Ash, Moisture, Nature of Pulp, pH)
43 Paper Pin, Clips
44 Petroleum Product
45 Poultry Feed
46 PVC
47 Rice
48 Rock Phosphate
49 Salt (NaCl)
50 Sesame Oil
51 Soaps
52 Soyabean Oil
53 Spectro Analysis
a) Steel Alloys (Upto 8 elements)
b) Copper Alloys (Upto 8 elements)
c) Aluminum Zinc, Lead, Tin base alloys
54 Sugar
55 Sulphur
56 Sun Flower Oil
57 Tea (Black)
58 Tea (Green)
59 Tobacco
60 Toffees
61 Tooth Powder/Tooth paste
62 Water Test Chemical Analysis


#Name of Samples
1 Ballast
2 Bulb
3 Capacitor
4 Copper Wire
5 Dry Battery Cell
6 Electric Fan
7 Electric Iron (complete test)
8 Electric motor (complete test)
9 Enameled Copper Wire ( Complete Set)
10 Insulation Tape
11 Lead acid storage batteries 12, 24 volts (complete test)
12 PVC cables (armourd and unarmourd)
13 Tubelight

Micro Biology

#Name of Samples
1 Water (Total Coliforms, Fecal Coliforms, E-coli, Fecal Enterococci/ Streptococci, Pseudomonas, Total Viable Count at 22ºC and 35ºC)
2 Beverages (Total Coliforms, E-coli, Total Viable Count at 22 ºC , yeast, mold)
3 Food Items (Total Coliforms, Fecal Coliforms, E-coli, Pseudomonas, Total Viable Count, Salmonella, Staphlococcus aureus)


#Name of Samples
1 Auto vehicles as per PSS (2-wheelers and 3-wheelers)
2 Bar (M.S, Tor Deformed) Steel sheets, Strip
3 Bearing Pad sheet
4 Bicycle
5 Bicycle Hub (Rear)
6 Bricks one set 6 Nos, Tuff Tiles one set 6 Nos.
7 Calibration
Tensile Testing Machine
Cube/Cylinder Testing Machine
Pressure Gauge
Calibration at Site of above items
8 Cement
9 Cement-Physical test
10 Chain
11 City cart (4-wheelers)
12 Cubes/Block and Concrete Cylinders Crushing Strength
a) Rotors, Shafts, Impellers, Fans, Blowers.
b) Baskets
c) Turbine Rotors
d) Armatures
14 Fiber Glass Pipe
15 Hard Board
16 Hook & Dead end (Clamp)
17 Hydraulic Jack
18 Los Ankles Abrasion Test
19 Non-pressure Oil stoves (Physical & Textile)
20 P.V.C Cables
21 Paper
22 Pencil/Ballpoint Complete Test
23 Pipes (M.S Pipes, G.I Pipes)
24 Pressure Cookers
25 Pressure Gauge
26 Pressure Oil Stove
27 PVC pressure Pipe
28 R.C.C Pipes
29 Razor and Shaving Blade
31 Rexin/Transmission Belts
32 Rubber, PVC Water stopper
33 Sand and Aggregate
34 Sewing Machine
35 Spring assembly for Truck and Care
37 Welded & other strip
38 Wood CEP & Panel


#Name of Samples
1 Colour Fastness
Washing, Perspiration, Crocking/Rubbing, Light.
2 Construction Analysis
Count, Ends/picks, Course/Wales, Weight/GSM, Dimensions (length/width), Weave, Thickness and Pile ratio.
3 Fibre Composition and Chemical Analysis
Fibre analysis (binary), Blend ratio, Oil/Fat content, Starch content, Sizing material, Proofing material, Copper content, Scouring loss, Moisture content, pH, Nature of dye.
4 Physical Analysis
Dimensional change/Shrinkage, Tensile/Tearing/Seam and Bursting Strength, Elongation%, Water repellency, Absorbency, Twist, Cone/Bowl test, Heat test, Pressure head and Flammability test.